Holiday Gift Guide: Make-Up And Skincare Presents For Every Mama

Holiday Gift Guide: Make-Up And Skincare Presents For Every Mama



Amid the demands of running a household and raising lovely children, mamas should find time for self-care. One surely can’t pour from an empty cup, right? Here are some gift ideas for all the loving, hard-working mamas! Give yourself a present, or find something for your sisters or your mommy squad.


Easy make-up for mamas


Need to beautify in a jiffy? Grab the Happy Skin Generation Glossy Tint Set, which comes with lip-friendly tints in four shades (sunny, calm, bud, blossom), which can be used for any occasion. It also comes in a pouch so you can bring your set anywhere.

Happy Skin
Generation Glossy Tint Set

For that ultimate coverage sans heavy and sticky feel, try Maybelline’s Fit Me with Aerogel Poreless Liquid Foundation. The lightweight foundation leaves your pores looking refined, and your look in seamless finish. It can be applied to many skin types, whether normal or oily skin, and can be worn all day.

Fit Me with AEROGEL Matte + Poreless Liquid Foundation 30ml


Enhance eyebrows with K-Palette Lasting 3-way eyebrow pencil, a smudge-proof, water-resistant beauty tool that you’ll surely love! Use the fine tip to fill gaps in the eyebrow or make a smoother brow shape. You can choose from 4 shades: milk tea brown, natural brown, mocha brown, and dark greige.

Lasting 3Way Eyebrow Pencil WPa

For that added glow, use Teviant Resin Cheek Palette, which gives your skin a glass-like shine. Made with aloe vera and apricot oil, this blush guarantees a fresher take on your tired-looking skin. Best of all, it’s easy to apply and does not leave your skin feeling heavy despite multiple touch-ups.

Resin Cheek Palette

Want to go extra? Dab on some long-lasting, water-proof eyeshadow using strokesbeautylab eye paint dio bronzed chocolate. This one provides two looks: a rich, silky matte formula for your lids and a sheer metallic shimmer for accents and highlights. With a staying power for 12 hours, you can use it while at work or during parties.

Strokes Eye Paint Duo Bronzed Chocolate

Need to keep your make-up on all day? Go get the L’Oreal Paris Infallible Primer to prep your skin for beauty art. Leave your skin hydrated and fresh, with an even skin complexion.

L'Oreal Paris
Infallible Primer


Invest on skincare


Say goodbye to dark spots by using a product that really works! Olay White Radiance Light perfecting Essence Dropper Treat is 5-star reviewed, and moms swear by its power to rejuvenate dull skin. The lightweight, sticky formula makes for fast absorption, too.

White Radiance Light Perfecting Essence Dropper Treatment

In need of a quick escape? Treat your skin with Face Republic Sleeping Beauty Face Mask Whitening Rice Formula, which soothes tired skin with the moisturizing properties of rice water. Rich in vitamins B & E, it also helps brighten your skin.

Face Republic
Sleeping Beauty Face Mask Whitening Rice Formula

Got all those eyebags from tending to your newborn or the toddler who refuses to sleep? Enrich your under eye with Pixi’s DetoxifEYE, which has all the good ingredients you need – Raspberry Extract, Blueberry Extract, Black Currant Extract, Camellia Flower Extract, Aloe Leaf Extract, Castor Oil.

DetoxifEYE 30pcs

A toner a day could keep saggy skin away, so trust Esfolio’s Collagen Daily Toner to do its job. This skincare product has collagen peptide and hydrolyzed collagen that help improve skin elasticity and lock in moisture, while taking out dead skin cells.

Collagen Daily Toner

Keep skin young-looking with Pond’s Age Miracle Anti-Aging night cream, which does skin wonders while you sleep. With its Retinol-C Complex formulation, anti-aging properties work 24 hours non-stop to reduce and prevent wrinkles and fine lines. It also has Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen, Ceramides and Prebiotics.

Age Miracle Anti Aging Night Cream

For that ultimate moisture, check out Dewytree Ultra vitalizing snail serum, packed with 78 percent snail secretion filtrate. Non-sticky yet nourishing, this beauty serum has adenosine, which keeps skin brighter and looking young.